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Sources on the Icelandic Constitution (English)

The Current Constitution of Iceland in Icelandic:

English translation of the Current Constitution:

Summary of constitutional work in recent years and decades::

Constitutional Committee 2013

Following elections to Parliament 2013, the Prime Minister appointed a Constitutional Committee to work on constitutional amendments. The Committee completed three bills, none of which were adopted.

About the work of the Constitutional Committee (not available in english):

The Constitutional Council’s online library

The Constitutional Council established an electronic library to support its constitutional work. A variety of materials are gathered there, covering both academic discussion and media debate on constitutional issues.

Database on the website of the Government Council:

Indriði’s reading list

Indriði Indriðason, professor of political science at the University of California – Riverside published a list of reading material on his website in 2010 as “obligatory readings” intended for those planning to revise the Constitution.

The reading list:

General constitutional discussion on the web

Constitutional Library and Analysis Instruments: https://www.constituteproject.org

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